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Shefali Spills On Being Judged For Divorce And Second Marriage

Best known for her acting in series like Booo Sabki Phategi and Baby Come Naa, actress Shefali Jariwala spills on being judged for divorce and second marriage.

In her recent interview with leading digital entertainment portal, the stunning actress who wowed hearts of fans and audiences by giving a remarkable performance in series like Booo Sabki Phategi (Alt Balaji, 2019), Baby Come Naa (Alt Balaji, 2018) and so on but mostly is still remembered by people for being the sassy “Kaanta Laga” girl, Shefali spills on being judged for divorce and second marriage.

Opening up on how people judged her for getting divorced, having her second marriage and much more, Shefali spills on being judged for divorce and second marriage.

In her latest one on one candid conversation with leading digital portal, Shefali spills on being judged for divorce and second marriage.

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This is public knowledge now that the Bigg Boss 13 fame TV personality and actress Shefali Jariwala had been previously married to Harmeet Singh of Meet Bros fame back in 2004 but unfortunately their marriage couldn’t last and they got divorced five years later back in 2009 and then she found love once again in renowned TV actor Parag Tyagi and they both got hitched to each other 7 years back in 2014 but yes even this second marriage for her came in with a lot of judgement and whilst talking about it in her recent interview,  Shefali Jariwala opened up on how she was judged for getting a divorce and also having her second marriage and also recalled how people blamed her for failure of her first marriage saying, ‘Yeh toh kaanta laga ladki hai’.

Sharing about how that first divorce affected her which was like the end of the world for her as she was young woman who got married and then divorced and deeming how it was difficult for her but she overcame it because of her strong support system of family and friends, Shefali said, “There were times when you stop believing in love. You go through that phase where you are like, ‘I don’t think I’ll ever fall in love again’ or ‘I don’t think I’ll ever get into a relationship again, shaadi toh bohot door ki baat hai (marriage is out of the question)’. But it passes”.

Also questioning that why is a woman looked upon when she gets married a second time, Shefali quipped, “It’s a problem. Why are women subjected to such judgments and men are not? Why is it okay for men to get married ten times and women to not get married twice?”.

She also added, “Isi ne kuch kiya hoga, isi mein kuch hoga, yeh toh Kaanta Laga ladki hai, yeh bohot bold hai (They say, ‘She must be the one at fault, she is the Kaanta Laga girl, she is so bold’). Come on! That is a character we play on screen. Just because you play a vamp or a villain or a bold character doesn’t make you that. You’re an actor”.

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