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Rakhi Sawant Shows Off Baby Bump, Calls Her Twin Kids ‘Messiah’

Rakhi Sawant, the queen of entertainment was seen flaunting off a fake baby bump to the paparazzi.

After breaking all ties with her husband Ritesh, Rakhi Sawant has found love once again. Rakhi is currently dating Indian businessman Adil Khan Durrani. They announced their relationship soon after Rakhi came out of Bigg Boss 15 and got separated from her alleged husband Ritesh.

The duo is often spotted together and Rakhi never misses a chance to announce to the world how much she loved Adil. Recently, Rakhi Sawant was spotted by the paparazzi as she grabbed their attention with a huge baby bump. She claimed that Adil, the love of her life, is the father of the twin kids in her tummy. She called her kids messiah as she added, “Today, the evil activities are on a rise. There’s corruption, murders, thefts and wars. There are so many wrongdoings in the world that God has now sent messiahs into my womb. They will change these people. My kids will be Baahubali.”

However, it was just a prank as her friend lifted her top and showed how Rakhi had stuffed two balloons inside. They busted both the balloons and everyone laughed out loud.

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