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As Pratik Sehajpal Cries After Jay Hurls Abuses, Friend Madhav Makes An Appeal

Pratik Sehajpal's friend and actor Madhav Shharma has made an appeal to Bigg Boss makers after Jay Bhanushali hurled abuses at Pratik.

We witnessed intense drama in the recent episode of Bigg Boss 15. Pratik Sehajpal and Jay Bhanushali, who haven’t been getting along since the beginning of the season, once again got into an argument. It happened during the task called ‘Jungle Mein Khunkaar Dangal’ when Shamita Shetty got hurt while helping Nishant, who was blocked by Jay Bhanushali and Karan Kundrra.

Pratik and Jay then got into a verbal argument as Pratik told Jay that Shamita has been hurt a lot and had he been out he would have beat him black and blue. To which, Jay replied to Pratik that if he has the guts then he can touch him and show. Things became aggressive when Jay abused Pratik on his mother. This triggered Pratik and he warned Jay not to abuse. But Jay refused to slow down and kept provoking him.

Pratik eventually lost his calm. He sat down, began crying inconsolably and started slapping himself hard. Seeing this condition of Pratik on the National Television, his friend Madhav Shharma got upset and angry. Madhav, who has worked with Pratik in ‘Love School Season 3’ and shares a good bond with him, took to his Instagram and made an appeal to Colors Channel and the makers of Bigg Boss 15.

He said that there must be a rule against people who hurl abuses in the house. He said, “Just like people are thrown out of Bigg Boss house for getting into a physical fight, same should be done with people who abuse. Either throw them out or, nominate them for 2-3 weeks, so that there is a fear amongst the contestants and they keep their behavior in check.”

Madhav further said that Pratik shares a special bond with his mother that nobody can understand and therefore, he got so upset when Jay abused him.

Madhav had previously slammed Jay by saying, “I think he has lost the plot or if he has so much attitude of his status then he shouldn’t have come to the show only.”

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