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Prajakta Koli – The Passionate Youtuber Indian Girl

From starting a YouTube channel on 12th February 2015 to become the top female influencer of the year with 4.4 million subscribers on the same channel, Prajakta Koli has come a long way in the past years of her YouTube career. Her YouTube channel has over 504 million views in total. Millions of people have been following her for various reasons like her sense of humor, comic timing, fashion game, etc.

According to us, Prajakta can undoubtedly be stated as a Passionate Indian YouTuber and she is some reason for it.

Unlike many other YouTubers, Prajakta keeps herself very busy on YouTube. She comes out with three videos every week. Her videos come out every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

The specialty of all these three videos every week is that all of them are of different genres. Her Tuesday video is called the #realtalktuesday. Where she comes up with a small talk session on different topics.

The Thursday video is a proper comedy video. In these videos, she herself performs in various characters. The topics of these videos are related to our day to day life happenings.

The Saturday video is a Q&A video where is answers the questions sent to her by the followers and the videos are called #sawaalsaturday.

We really love this passionate Indian YouTuber, popularly known as MostlySane.

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