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Neha Bhasin Shares Her Reason Behind Participating In Bigg Boss OTT

Neha Bhasin says she will try her best to bring the trophy home, but if not she would most definitely try to leave a mark on people's hearts.

Singer Neha Bhasin has been making headlines since she was confirmed as the first contestant of Karan Johar’s Bigg Boss OTT.

Sharing her excitement for the same, the former Viva girl shared reason behind her participation in the controversial show, Neha said, “For many years they were approaching me to participate, we had multiple meetings, I pondered for quite some time, discussed it with my family and finally participating in it.”

The singer also shared that her mother was against her entering the show as there is always a risk factor for public image and that the show is all about exposing yourself to the world, but on what led her to join the show, the songstress shared it the immense popularity of the show.

“I have understood that there is a huge fan following of Bigg Boss, it’s a huge platform and everyone in the country connects to it… and all those who go to Bigg boss and come out, have had positive changes only in their lives.”

“Therefore I too wish that my career, which by the grace of God is already good, gets even better. My fans would be able to see me and become happier and those who aren’t my fans or haven’t been able to become my fan yet, with them too I would be able to establish a connection.”

Neha, who has crooned prominent Bollywood songs asserts that she isn’t disappointed with the fact that Salman Khan won’t be hosting the OTT version, instead “I was rather impressed that it was gonna be so huge this time that OTT platform would be used and Karan Johar would host it, that’s what I thought.”

Talking about what makes her a unique contender on Bigg Boss OTT, Neha says, “I am complete masala myself. In fact, my brother calls me garam masala. I am a very energetic person, and very fun-loving too. There is not a dull moment with me, at least that’s what my family members and friends say. Hopefully what I am is what you’ll get to see on TV.”

The singer concludes saying she will try her best to bring the trophy home, but if not she would most definitely try to leave a mark on people’s hearts.

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