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Motivational Speakers Enlighten The Kapil Sharma Show

The way to live your life in harmony motivational speakers will help come to peace with it.

The Kapil Sharma Show has graced people with laughter and humor since 2013. The actor and greatest comic of all Kapil Sharma have stepped to the milestone of making people laugh and also his team.

This weekend on Kapil Sharma Show the host invited motivational speakers Gopal Das, Khan Sir, and Vivek Bindra to have a philosophical night. The host and the speakers had a great time talking about their experiences with people. Gaurav Kaul said that even though he is not married but people come to him for advice on relationships. He also shared that people ask him whether he gets angry or depressed which asks them if I’m not a human. “I’m born to be having all those feelings that other people have and I learned one thing from my Guru when in anger don’t let your mouth utter disgusting or demeaning things to someone. Then you go to a guilty- anger situation. So when you get angry wait and then react.”

Vivek Bindra who is a business coach and motivational speaker says that the reason he made world records was that people wanted to know tips and tricks and during the pandemic, about 2 lakh people joined a webinar breaking Russia’s record and later China’s record when they conducted a webinar for making money. He also broke certain stereotypes like Kuch Paane Ke Liye Kuch Khona Padta Hai (To achieve something you have to sacrifice something) but this is not right Kuch Paane Ke Liye Kuch Karna Padta Hai (To achieve something you have to do something). This is quite enlightening. He also shared that “there was a time when he left to remain a celibate and sage for the rest of his life but his Guru compelled him to go back and help people with business management with verses from Bhagwat Gita. So, he is preaching that to people.”Khan Sir has about 17 million followers on YouTube and is teaching almost everything and helping kids to do well in life. He also said that he has been doing things on his own and has not accepted any money from investors and all. He says that there were times when people tried to shut his office or trying to threaten him but he made a beautiful quote– “Sooraj chahe kitn bhi chamke per Samudr ka paani sukha nahi sakta(No matter how much the sun shines but it can’t replenish the seawater).” He achieved what he wanted and will do till the end. 

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