When Rakhi Sawant’s Harsh Comment On Her Reality Show Drove A Man To Suicide

One of the controversies surrounding Rakhi's show arose when a participant named Lakshman took his own life.

“Rakhi Ka Insaaf” was a reality TV show hosted by television actress and controversial queen Rakhi Sawant. The show aired in 2010 and was a spin-off of another reality show called “Rakhi Ka Swayamvar,” in which she attempted to find a suitable life partner through a televised swayamvar.

The reality show ‘Rakhi Ka Insaaf’ took a different format, focusing on resolving real-life conflicts and disputes between individuals. The show aimed to provide a platform for people to bring their grievances and problems to Rakhi Sawant, who would then offer her “insaaf” (justice) by listening to both sides of the story and providing her opinion on the matter.

While the show generated a fair amount of attention and controversy, it wasn’t without criticism and backlash.

One of the controversies surrounding Rakhi’s show arose when a participant named Lakshman took his own life. Lakshman had appeared on Rakhi Ka Insaaf alongside his wife in an attempt to resolve a marital conflict. During the episode, Rakhi used hurtful language by calling him ‘namard’ (meaning impotent), which led to a heated situation. The episode concluded with Lakshman being deemed at fault, and his wife deciding not to reconcile with him.

The family of the contestant claimed that following the show, Lakshman fell into a form of depression and apparently drunk himself to death. Subsequently, a legal case was lodged against Rakhi Sawant in Jhansi.

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