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I Live My Character And I Only Think About How Randheer Will Make Things Happen: Zaan Khan

With shows like Hamari Bahu Silk and Naamkarann, among others, to his credit, Zaan Khan is currently seen as Randheer Raizada in Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye. The audiences are loving his cute and goofy avatar and the actor revealed that he gets into his characters as soon as he enters the set.

He also confessed that his main focus is always on his performance more than his looks.

“I live my character. The moment I enter the set, I forget everything and only think about Randheer. I’m a method actor and these days I only think about how Randheer will make things happen, how he will deliver his dialogues, and what will be the reactions. Since it’s based in the 1940s everything at that time was very subtle, nothing was too loud, so it involves a lot of hard work but I’m loving it,” he said.

“Acting is my passion so I forget everything like how I’m looking, I just think about the character because be it any scene if your acting is very convincing and if you’re doing that character rightly, you don’t have to think about your hair or your face because that character looks better,” Zaan added.

The young actor also shared that since there are three male actors in the show, he knew there would be competition, but was confident that his character will stand apart as it was well-written.

Sharing how he got the role, he said, “I had auditioned for my character three months back. When I got to know that Randheer is into shayari, I got very excited. After my audition, Shashi ma’am and director Vikram sir loved it and called me directly for the mock shoot. Randheer is a 21-year-old and has a different perspective so keeping all these things in mind, I felt I should say yes and thankfully everything went perfect.”

“There are three heroes in this show, and everyone is giving their best, but I feel that Randheer’s character has a certain charm to it and I’m loving every bit of it. I’m very thankful to my producers and my writers, and Sony TV for this opportunity. It’s going good touchwood.”

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