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Hrishikesh Pandey: Audience These Days Crave For Variety

Hrishikesh Pandey feels the industry should churn content that connects with the audience. Reacting to the surge in thrillers and supernatural dramas on TV, the C.I.D actor says we should not be thinking about genres, but the focus should be in being creative and narrate quality stories that the viewer will enjoy.

“I always say what matters more is that if we are able to connect with our audience with the kind of content we are making. Yes some genres like thrillers, supernatural and even family dramas are most loved and enjoyed but the audience these days crave for variety. Not anything and everything will satisfy them. It always can’t be the same procedure of following or doing the same thing that has already become a hit. Audience also need change. So we need to experiment more.”

While some show makers are experimenting but many are still not doing it. According the actor all experiments might not be a success but once it will be rewarding in the long run.

“A show like Anupamaa is doing well, now Pratigyaa 2 is also getting good response. And both these shows are being produced by Rajan Shahi. He knows what the audience wants. There are few like him who understands the pulse of the audience and are always ready to experiment. We need to change with the time. And every time we need to do something different, offer something fresh to the viewers. That’s the only way to keep them entertained.”

With the way the audience are exposed to world cinema, they have become more receptive to newer content feels Pandey.

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