Shark Tank India 2: Ever Heard Of A Compact Tractor?

Geeani brings compact tractors for small land owners for farming to enhance the yield on a small acre of land.

This time in Shark tank India season 2, three aspiring entrepreneurs got a compact tractor for farmers who own a small piece of land and can’t afford big tractors for yield. Well, the solution name is Geeani.

GeeaniCompact Tractor

Three entrepreneurs came to Shark Tank India with a pitch of Rs. 75 lakhs against 7.5% equity. They displayed the tractor with a compact design and more efficient in money and power wise. They have already received an order of 100 units as the season is about to be started.

The sharks were impressed by their vision and offered them a deal. Vineeta, Aman, and Anupam collectively gave them an offer with 1cr in exchange for 10% of equity. Amit Jain also offered them Rs. 1.5 crore for 20% equity. They accepted the trio’s offer.

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Two people from different countries but with the same idea for making gelato a premium yet affordable savory taste in India. They introduced more which is an Italian term for love. Gelato is an Italian dessert similar to ice cream. With the help of a renowned chef from Italy, they designed the desert. Their ask was 75 lakhs against 4% equity.

All the sharks liked the flavors and tastes. 4 Sharks withdrew their pitch for investment and Anupam offered to invest in the business with the condition that they achieve 80 lakhs in sales by march. The deal was done.

Leafy Affair

An entrepreneur from Bangalore came to shark tank India with an offer of Rs. 50 lakhs for 2.5% equity. She introduced a piece of flower jewelry that is made from natural flower preservation. She also said that this is something that can be gifted or kept close to you as a part of nature. The sharks did like her product but also didn’t find it to be investable. They did give some advice and in the future, if she needed help they will be happy to help.

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