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Charu Asopa Reveals Sushmita Sen’s Advice: “If You’re Happier Alone, Leave”

Charu Asopa recently opened up about her equation with Sushmita Sen, actress stated that Sushmita advised her to separate from Rajeev if that makes her happy.

Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen’s marital life has always remained in the highlight. Be it their marriage, split, or their divorce decision the couple had always managed to grab the headlines for their personal life. However, the two have now finally decided to call it quits as they are now proceeding to get divorced. While during a recent interview, Charu Asopa revealed that Sushmita Sen always supported her as her sister-in-law. She also revealed that the actress advised her to get separated from Rajeev if that makes her happy.

Charu Asopa Reveals Sushmita Sen’s Advice On Her Relationship With Rajeev

During a recent interview with Siddharth Kannan, Charu Asopa revealed that her relationships with her friends and family have worsened amidst her separation from Rajeev Sen. Charu even stated that she doesn’t even trust her own mother since she didn’t stood up for her when she needed her the most.

However, Charu stated that Rajeev Sen’s sister Sushmita was one of the people who stood beside her during her struggle and supported her throughout. Charu said, “She has never told us to work it out. She has always told me to prioritize my own happiness, from day one. My parents, yes, they’ve told me to try and resolve the differences. But never didi.”

Charu mentioned that even though she’s close to Sushmita but she never bothered her with her own matters, she said, “I haven’t bothered her about this, or asked her to talk some sense into anybody. But yes, she is family, so she knows when things are rough. I don’t like to bother my in-laws either, they’re elderly, and my mother-in-law is unwell. But whenever the topic has come up when didi has called, she has always told me to focus on myself. She has said that if I’m happier with Rajeev, then that’s what I should do, but if I’m happier away from him, then I should separate.”

Sushmita And Charu’s Relationship

While on many occasions it has been reported that both Sushmita and Charu does share a good bond of friendship with each other. Television actress Charu Asopa once said that Sushmita Sen is like a friend to her, and they have deep conversations. It was also rumored that following their split Sushmita unfollowed her brother while she kept following her Charu on her social media. Although Rajeev Sen denied all the rumors about the same.

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