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Carryminati’s ‘Youtube Vs Tik Tok’ Roast Video Gets Deleted Fans Demand Justice For Carry

Ajey Nagar aka Carryminati a YouTube sensation popular for making roast videos on a variety of people was recently in news after garnering record-breaking views on his latest video ‘YouTube vs Tik Tok – The End‘. The video had nearly 70 million views; unfortunately, the trending video was taken down by YouTube on the grounds of violating its ‘terms of service’.

The shocking news came after Amir Siddiqui, the Tik Toker who Carryminati roasted, accused Ajey of cyberbullying.

In the video, Carry talked about Amir’s deleted IGTV video where he had said incorrect things about the YouTube content creators. Although Carry’s video was full of abuse; but he clarified each and everything which Amir mentioned. Carry also mentioned that he has received a number of threat calls from various Tik Tokers including Mr. Faisu. The video got massive response and prominent YouTubers such as Ashish Chanchlani, Bhuvan Bam, and Harsh Beniwal extended support to Carry.

However, the reason behind the removal of the video is still unknown, but netizens claim that video might be reported by the group targeted in a large number and the YouTube algorithm has removed the video. There’s still a chance that that video might get re-stored if Carryminati wishes to.

The debate is not new but it re-emerged so rapidly that it went out of hands in no time. However, Amir’s video was the reason because controversy blew up, in the video Amir was tired of listening against his community (TIK TOK) but it was Amir who went on to challenge YouTubers including Carryminati to roast him and he got what he wished for but that didn’t go down well other Tik Tokers.

Yesterday, Amir released a video in which he accused Carryminati and roasters of cyberbullying and he also urged his fans to start a trend #AmirAgainstCyberBullying which will address cyberbullying.

Meanwhile, Twitterati have sprung into action and they aren’t happy that video was taken down. The majority of netizens are in support of Carry and started trending #JusticeForCarry.

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