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Bigg Boss 16 Promo: Tina Datta-Shalin Bhanot’s Heated Argument

Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta had a fallout after both stated that they now have trust issues in their relationship.

Bigg Boss 16 Promo: Bigg Boss 16 is currently in its 6th week, in the recent week many friends turned foes and many foes turned friends for many housemates inside the house. Following the same many fights and arguments were seen getting sparked inside the house and the most recent remains of Shalin and Tina’s fight. In the recent promo, Shalin was seen losing his calm during his conversation with Tina for making fun of their relationship. Here’s what happens next-

Tina Datta-Shalin Bhanot’s Heated Argument

In the recent episodes, some sourness was seen surging between Tina and Shalin’s relationship. They earlier had an argument after Shalin stated that Soundarya is better than Tina. The two will now be having a fight over the same. Shalin states that Tina thinks of herself as “righteous” he then asks her to keep up with her “righteous attitude”.

He further states that he always stood by her but she made fun of their relationship after she slammed Shalin in front of everyone and left their conversation midway. Shalin then adds then everyone else including Gautam, Priyanka, and other housemates are taking advantage and are making fun of the two. He then claims that Tina is just too “over smart”.

Apart from Tina, Shalin recently also had a fallout with his best friend Sumbul. After getting nominated Sumbul cried stating that she has lost her trust in Shalin. She tells Shalin that she always stood for him and gave her best to save him while all he did was give her one rose and save Tina. Shalin then clears Sumbul’s doubts and says that even if he would’ve given her more roses even then she couldn’t have been saved since Gautam was getting saved by Soundarya while Priyanka was saving Tina. Sumbul finally announces that she has lost her trust in Shalin. The two then state that it’s the end of the road for their friendship.

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