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Bigg Boss 16 Nov 18 Episode 48 Update: Shalin Decides To Leave BB16

Tina ends her friendship with Shalin as she sides with MC Stan, Shalin then asks Bigg Boss for a voluntary exit.

Bigg Boss 16 Nov 18 Update: Ever since the beginning of the 16th season of Bigg Boss many fights and arguments have taken place in the reality tv show. One such recent fight remains Shalin Bhanot’s fight with MC Stan which took place in a recent episode of the show. Following the same Shalin was seen demanding Bigg Boss to oust MC Stan and Shiv from the show. However, the actor has now decided to leave the show by himself with a voluntary exit.

Bigg Boss 16 Nov 18 Episode 48-

Tina Tries To Talk To Shalin

Tina approaches Shalin to calm him down and confront him about his fight with MC Stan. However, the situation gets worse after Sumbul fails to keep her cool. Tina asks Sumbul to keep calm but she doesn’t react to which Tina also loses her calm and leaves the room. Shalin bursts out in anger at both Sumbul and Tina. Tina taunts Sumbul as she says that Shalin is first her friend.

Priyanka Choudhary Wants Shiv-MC Stan To Be Ousted

Following MC Stan, Shiv’s fight with Shalin, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary then comes out in support of Shalin and asks Bigg Boss to take action. Priyanka was further seen stating that Shiv and MC are the bullies in the group and that including herself other people in the house feel unsafe around them.

Sajid Khan-Priyanka’s Brawl

After Shalin and MC Stan’s fight, Sajid comes to confront Shalin and hear out his side of the story. However, Priyanka meddles in between and asks Sajid Khan to take action. Sajid tells Priyanka that he isn’t talking to her and she should stop screaming. Priyanka on the other hand denies about not interfering in the fight. Later Shiv, Tina, and Nimrit also argue with Priyanka for meddling in between their fight.

Bigg Boss Calls MC Stan, Tina And Shalin

Later Bigg Boss calls Tina, MC Stan, and Shalin to the confession room. While Tina seems to support MC, Shalin on the other hand tries to keep his cool. Bigg Boss tells them that all footage has been checked and that the abusive language was used by both the contestants and the fight broke out because of the same. Bigg Boss then asks Tina to take a decision on whether MC Stan should be blamed and ousted or if the mistake was made by both. Instead of giving a clear answer, Tina gives a justification saying that it’s to Stan’s fault since its his behavior. Shalin gets irked and asks Bigg Boss to talk to him alone.

Shalin Talks To Bigg Boss

Later Shalin talks to Bigg Boss and states that the act of violence against him is now being justified and that he wants either Shiv and Stan should be ousted from the show or he’ll leave himself since he doesn’t feel safe. Bigg Boss asks Shalin to rethink as he won’t oust the two. Shalin then takes his final decision and asks for a voluntary exit from the show.

Shalin Sees Truth

Later Shalin confronts Gautam that he always wanted to be friends with him. And even after their fights he always tried to get things better by approaching him but things didn’t work. Gautam goes and hugs Shalin. Shalin then warns Gautam that he really loved Tina but she betrayed him and that he should also not trust her easily. Later Tina finally comes and tries to confront Shalin. However, remaining stern on his stand Shalin asks Tina to stay away from him since he had already lost his trust in her.

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