Bigg Boss 16 Episode 12 Update & Highlights, Oct 12: MC Stan-Archana’s Fight

Here are the top highlights of Bigg Boss 16 episode 12 which premiered on October 12. Check out-

Bigg Boss 16 Episode 9 Highlights: Salman Khan’s hosted show Bigg Boss 16 is currently in its second week. However, the drama and fights have already begun in the house, while in the recent episode, a heated argument erupted between MC Stan and Archana Gautam after the rapper abuses Archana during their conversation. Here’s all that happened in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16, check out-

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What Is Brewing Between Shalin Bhanot & Tina Datta

In the latest episode of the show, Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot were seen sharing some special moments together. Shalin was seen promising Tina that he will protect her throughout their journey in the house. While later in the day Tina tries to mess with Shalin as she keeps repeating Shalin’s words. However, Shalin plays smart and says, “Tina I Love You”. Later Gautam teases Shalin after he sists close besides Tina and says, “yeh meri hai“. Reacting to the same Shalin says “yeh zaada ho raha hai, haath hata le.”

Shalin Improves His Bonding With Sajid

During the episode, Shalin was also seen improving his relationship with Sajid. The two were seen chit-chatting in the garden area as Shalin told Sajid that he’s not a weak soul but he doesn’t wish to go back into his past. Later both shares a hug as they end their conversation.

Special Power Task Between Priyanka & Nimrit

Abu Rozdik’s music video was shown in the latest episode, and following the same, a special power task was given to both Priyanka and Nimrit. For the task, the two small screen beauties turned into a director and shot a short video featuring Abu Rozdik in his song, Chota Bhaijaan. Later Priyanka won the task after most of the contestants voted for her, soon after which she was given the power to assign rooms to each contestant, however, there’s a twist, as every contestant’s ration will depend on the room to which they will be allotted to.

Archana & MC Stan’s Fight

Another major highlight remained the friends turned foes, Archana and MC Stan. It started after Archana lashed out at the kitchen team for not preparing food on time. Soon after which Archana gets into an argument with MC Stan after the latter advises her to behave like a woman. During their argument MC abuses Archana. Soon after which Archana breaks down in front of the house members. Claiming that she’s real Archana even swears on her mother. While MC on the other hand prefers to maintain distance from Archana stating that she loses her calm often.

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