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Bigg Boss 16 Episode 11 Update & Highlights, Oct 11: Gori-Sreejita’s Fight

Here are the top highlights of Bigg Boss 16 episode 11 which premiered on October 9. Check out-

Bigg Boss 16 Episode 9 Highlights: Salman Khan’s hosted show Bigg Boss 16 is currently in its second week. However, the drama and fights have already begun in the house, while in the recent episode, a heated argument erupted between Gori and Sreejita during which the latter questioned Gori about her education. Here’s all that happened in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16, check out-

Bigg Boss 16 Episode 11 Update

Shalin Misbehaves With Doctor

In the latest episode, Shalin was taken to the doctor after he lost his cool during his fight with Archana Gautam. Shalin told the doctor, “You cannot treat me, you are not qualified for my treatment.” He further questioned the doctor about his qualifications, he said, “Do you have an MBBS degree, tell me your qualifications.”

Archana And Soundarya Fight

A fierce fight erupted between Soundarya Sharma and Archana Gautam after the latter started taunting Shalin for his aggressive behavior during the last task for captaincy. Though Shalin stays silent, Soundarya on the other hand takes a stand for him. The conversation between the two soon escalates into a verbal argument. As Archana leaves, Soundarya says, “Karma is a bit*h”. Archana misinterprets Soundarya’s comment and says that she abused her. Archana later tells Manya and Sreejita, “She is a woman of two shells. It has a bad name in Mumbai.” She added, “I know because I already know her.”

Gautam Assigns Duties, Shalin Denies Doing Any

During the night, Gautam assigns everyone in the house their duties. However, Shalin denies doing any duties. And that’s not it, Shalin later breaks other rules as he refuses to sing the Bigg Boss anthem.

Sreejita And Gori’s Fight

Gori asks Sreejita to give her more sabzi, and Sreejita tells her that other contestants also need the food. Sreejita and Sumbul ask Gori to wipe her hands somewhere else but not in the kitchen. Gauri loses her calm on the same and the three get into an argument. Shiv and MC Stan stand for Gori. Gori mimics Sumbul, to this Sreejita asks Gori questions Gori about her education.

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