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Bigg Boss 13: Salman Khan reveals about Arhaan’s marriage and kids this Weekend Ka Vaar.

After the recent promo of Bigg Boss, 13 everyone is astounded as Salman khan has uncovered the truth that Arhaan Khan is married and has a kid, to which Arhaan accepts his marital status in the house. Now the question is how will Rashmi react to this?

A few days back in the Bigg Boss 13 three wild cards took entry in the house from which Arhaan Khan is the one. Rashami and Arhaan are getting attention because of their chemistry but after yesterday’s promo things don’t seem will go smooth for the couple.

Today in Weekend ka Vaar, host Salman Khan is going to lose his temper totally on Arhaan Khan who’s a wildcard entry in the show. The shocking promo last night released, clearly shows how anxious Salman khan is as he removes his jacket and goes on to reveal the secret about Arhaan’s life. The host Salman khan first asks Arhaan about the family to which Arhaan replied his mother, dad, sisters, and brother reside together and these are the only family members. Salman gets angry to an extent with this reply and ultimately reveals the marital status of Arhaan to Rashami.

Arhaan and Rashami were dating each other for a pretty long time and as Arhaan guaranteed to the makers of the show that he will propose Rashmi on national television he will be sent inside again as a wild card. The promo has left the audience wondering what Salman wants to divulge about Arhaan Khan.

Bigg Boss 13 is been declared as the most successful season in the past many shows is been always in news for its good and bad reasons. The show is not only famous for its quarrel and disagreement but also the changing dynamics of the house. From Siddharth and Shehnaz enjoying the banter, Asim and Siddhart’s fight to Shehnaz Gills drama, this season contestants are leaving no stone unturned in entertaining the audience.

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