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Bigg Boss 13 8th January 2020- Firey captaincy task and the love triangle

Bigg Boss announces interesting captaincy task and there will be again a love triangle taking place in the house between Vishal Singh, Madhurima Tuli, and Siddharth Shukla

The 10 members in Bigg Boss 13 can be seen going to any extent in the show to be in the house till the end. in yesterday’s episode, we saw the contestants had fun with the voting process in the task of the Captain, they all behaved in a silly way. Captaincy task is unique for each contestant to wear chains or lock pictures. In a tank, fire is burning. Contestants must burn in the fire tank the pictures of the contestants. So, whose picture is burned from captaincy will be out of the race.

The preview out by the Bigg Boss 13 makers displayed that in the captaincy task, everyone whether Asim Riaz or Paras Chhabra all will be seen hitchhiking. It is evident from the promo that because of their mutual rivalry, Rashami Desai will end the chance for Sidharth Shukla to become the captain. Vishal had Arti’s photograph. Vishal burned the photo and said if Arti’s going to be the captain, she’s going to offer Sidharth Shukla his favorite bedroom duty that he’s never done on his own. Shehnaaz said you must the aura that Siddharth has so that everyone else to do your duty on your behalf with your friends.

At the same time, this task will not be allowed to run properly by Asim Riaz and Paras Chhabra. In such a scenario, they will also be punished by the Bigg Boss.

Also, you will see flirty Siddharth back but not with Devoleena but with Madhurima. For a change, Madhurima and Vishal share a romantic talk and don’t fight like always. Probably this will be shocking for everyone but today’s episode is going to be interesting.

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