Bhavna Chauhan Reacts To Rashami Desai’s Criticism Over Ranveer Singh-Johnny Sins Ad

In a recent interview Bhavna Chauhan opened up about her working experience with Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins in Bold Care ad.

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh recently took over the internet after his latest advertisement with adult star Johnny Sins went viral on social media. The Bollywood actor collaborated with Johnny Sins for his Sexual Wellness brand, Bold Care. The ad, a parody of ‘saas-bahu’ serials, has Sins playing a man facing sexual health issues. The unexpected crossover has garnered loads of different reactions from the netizens.

Bhavna Chauhan Had No Idea She Would Work With Johnny Sins

Bhavna Chauhan who was featured alongside Johnny Sins and Ranveer Singh as the “bahu” in the ad opened up about her experience. Bhavna revealed that she had no idea that she would work with Johnny Sins. She told India Today, “I don’t know why I misread the name. But to think of it, never in my dreams, I thought that Johnny would be part of an ad like this. I thought wrestlers do a lot of work in India and so I was foolishly thinking it was going to be John Cena. Only after I got the final details, I found out it was Johnny Sins.”

Talking about her experience of working with Ranveer Singh she said, “It was so much fun being around him. Our energies quite matched and he also told me how he liked my work,” she said. She shared that she did not get to interact with Johnny much but mentioned that “he was quite cooperative and professional.”

Bhavna Chauhan Reacts To Criticism Of Bold Care Ad

Recently many netizens slammed the makers of the ad and actor Ranveer Singh as well, the list also includes Rashami Desai who also criticised the ad for demeaning the TV industry. Reacting to the criticism Bhavna said, “They are marketers and understand the ripple effect of such things. Honestly, the original script was funnier but they altered it accordingly. The intention has always been to make it look like a normal scene from a TV show so that it’s viewed casually by everyone at home. They wanted the topic to be normalized.”

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