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Best scenes from ‘Permanent Roommates’ that you must watch

1. When Tanya and Mikesh did the hilarious role-playing in the bar, which was so realistic.

2. When there came an interaction between Tanya and her future mother-in-law.

3. When becoming a mother was not one of Tanya’s priorities.

4. When Mikesh’s definition of the Post-Modern Man was spot on. 

5. When Mikesh had the perfect plan for his own and his future father-in-law’s wedding: “Dutch maar lenge.” 

6. When Tanya’s father made us understand that our parents have their own lives too.

7. When Mikesh wanted to marry Tanya because she was ready, and not just because she was pregnant.  

8. When Lleo gave us some much-needed real knowledge.

9. When Tanya finally fired her wedding planner because she wanted her wedding her way.  

10.When Mikesh is recording a few moments from every family person for their intended child who he calls “Howrah”. 

11.When Tiwari was right, Never trust the vegetarians who eat eggs!

12.When lleo said, “I don’t lie to pretty girls except for the ones, I am dating”

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