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BB 15: Akasa’s Parents Call Her And Pratik’s Friendship As Genuine

In a recent interview with a leading digital entertainment portal, BB 15 contestant and singer Akasa Sing's parents call Akasa and Pratik's friendship as real and genuine.

Bigg Boss 15 has been in the news since day one. From fights to romance and friendship, the show is fully high on drama and entertainment. There are many contestants who have made it to the headlines for many reasons. Among them, Akasa Sing and Pratik Sehajpal are two of the most talked-about contestants and now in a recent interview about BB 15, Akasa’s parents call her and Pratik’s friendship as genuine.

They are playing their game well, and it looks like their bond with each other is getting strong day by day and speaking about the their bonding in BB 15, Akasa’s parents call her and Pratik’s friendship as genuine.

Surely this fifteenth season of Bigg Boss airing on Colors TV is definitely becoming interesting day by day. The controversial and popular TV reality show Bigg Boss 15 hosted by global bollywood superstar Salman Khan has been in the news for multiple reasons ever since the show premiered and now turning it up a notch higher is the fact that in a new interview with a leading digital entertainment portal talking about BB 15 and more, Akasa’s parents call her and Pratik’s friendship as genuine.

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Having said that, Akasa’s parents recently commented on their bond and called their friendship ‘genuine’ and ‘real’ and opening up on same in a new interview, Akasa’s mother said, “Even if Pratik Sehajpal was not in a game, Akasa would have played her own game. She is not one of those people who use someone as a ladder to move ahead in the game”.

She furthermore also added, “I understand everyone else has also befriended Akasa but what I’ve understood about Pratik is that he gives importance to his friends and friendship. He is a genuine person. I find both of them very sweet kids Pratik and Akasa. They have bonded well. She is not fake and their friendship is real and genuine”.

Akasa’s father further added that their bond is not like Ieshaan and Miesha and talking about same, he said, “Akasa knows her limits and their friendship is pure and genuine. Their friendship and bond is not like Ieshaan and Miesha. Akasa is not a kid and we are no one to decide who she wants to be friends with or who she likes. She can make her own decision. We are her parents but the decision making is with her. And if she likes someone and wants to be friends with somebody it is her choice. Akasa is a very good child. She has never made us feel insulted or has done anything which has embarrassed us. This is the best quality about her”.

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