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Baba Ramdev: 27 Years Back On Ramnavmi, I Decided To Dedicate My Life To Simple Living

This weekend the stage of Sony Entertainment television’s Indian idol would be spiritual and more peaceful than ever as the contestants would be narrating Ramayan on National Television. The narration would be musical and to make the Ram Navami episode more special and it would be the first time something like this is happening.

To make the episode more iconic Indian idol would be welcoming Baba Ramdev.

On the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami, Indian idol’s contestants would be seen singing some of the most soothing melodies which would not only make the judges lean in Bhakti but made everyone on the set have a very peaceful feeling.

The Yoga Guru was seen enjoying himself listening to the melodic voices of the contestants. Not only that, he also revealed it was Ramnavmi only when he decided to give up all the luxuries of life and take up Sanyaas.

Baba Ramdev said, “27 years back on the occasion on Ramnavmi, I decided I want to dedicate my life to simple living and get rid of all the amenities and comfort of life. Ramnavmi holds a very special place in my heart as this is the day when I got a new life and I started living a simple and sober life. Today I would like to bless all the contestants of Indian idol as their voices gave me goosebumps, they are so melodious, and their voices take you into another zone altogether. Wish them all the luck for their future”.

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