Singer Lizzo Opens Up About Her Struggle With Anxiety

Singer Lizzo spilled the beans on her struggle with anxiety and said that she feels like dying while battling anxiety issues. She also shared a piece of advice for the one’s struggling with the same.

American singer Lizzo opened up about her struggle with mental health issues and how it all affects her day to day life. Lizzo also shared some tricks that help her stay afloat during such hard times, she also mentioned how circular breathing helps her to feel better. 

Lizzo said that sometimes she has negative thoughts and she feels like dying. So when such thoughts enter her mind, the singer has learned to breathe. She circulates her breathing until she manages her anxiety. 

Lizzo also mentioned that she cries to a therapist until all these oppressive feelings go away. She also placed emphasis on how important it is to talk to someone during these times. Explaining the same she said that there are people out there who have a chemical imbalance and just breathing won’t make the anxiety symptoms disappear.

The singer also added that such people require psychological support and proper medications. She then concluded by saying that it is very important not to keep it to yourself and talk to someone.

For the unversed, the American singer is best known for her song Truth Hurts.

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Earlier this year, Lizzo quit Twitter because of all the trolls and negativity. Lizzo said that she sees this platform as a way to spread positivity and to get positive support but at the same time she cannot stand the internet bullies. 

As of now, her Twitter handle remains active but it is reportedly managed by her team. She is quite active on her Instagram where she posts pictures to encourage body positivity.