Sunday, September 20, 2020

    Jackie Chan Reveals How He And Jet Li Became Best Buddies


    Action star Jackie Chan says he loves making movies as while doing so, he doesn’t have to travel or do interviews. “I love making movies because when I am making a film, I don’t have to do interviews and I don’t have to travel. I don’t have to go to television programs either,” he said. “I was in the same hotel for four months for The Forbidden Kingdom. I had so much time for training. I love making movies, it’s just like training every day,” Jackie Chan added. “The Forbidden Kingdom”, a 2008 martial arts action film, saw Jackie Chan and action star Jet Li collaborating for the first time. “The funny thing is that on the first day on the set, after the choreography had finished I had asked to take a look at the two stunt guys and they were demonstrating, then I looked at Jet and Jet looked at me, I said ‘Do it one more time’. After that was done, I said ‘Okay!’ Then the stunt co-ordinator said ‘Okay, let’s do the rehearsal!’ I said ‘No! Let’s shoot!’ I had remembered everything…the rhythm and then Jet looked at me and he also said ‘Let’s shoot!’ I was just teasing him but boom!” said Jackie Chan. “When the camera started rolling, we started to fight and after that we were so happy. We finished and we didn’t miss a single punch but the director said ‘One more time’. We both asked ‘Why?!’ The director said ‘You guys are too fast!’ This is because when you show off, I show off! Then I said ‘Jet Slow down!’ And he said ‘You slow down!’ We were friends before the movie but after shooting the movie we have become good friends! Now we are buddies … very good buddies,” he added.

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