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Zoe Kravitz Spill Deets On ‘Intense’ Audition With Robert Pattinson For The Batman

The Batman director Matt Reeves revealed that 'everyone could see there was something really special between Kravitz and Pattinson.'

Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz starred as Bruce Wayne aka Batman and Selina Kyle aka Catwoman, respectively, in the most anticipated upcoming movie The Batman, and in a recent Entertainment Weekly interview, the costars and director Matt Reeves reflect on their memorable chemistry test together. “The chemistry read was really intense,” said Kravitz.

Zoe Kravitz continues, “Rob was wearing the Batsuit, and it was a proper camera test with the DP there and everything on a soundstage. It wasn’t just reading lines in a room. So it was intimidating, to say the least.” Pattinson was already cast at that point. Robert remembered, “The first time I’d even said lines from the script was in Zoë’s screen test. They had this idea that they wanted me to be taller at the beginning.”

Twilight franchise star went on saying, “So I basically had high-heeled sneakers on, and I’m tottering around in this strange Batman outfit.” “The camera’s not even on me, it’s on the back of my head, and I’m literally having this major panic attack, just looking for emotional support from Zoë, who’s trying to get the part,” he continued. Meanwhile, Reeves added that Kravitz and Pattinson “really connected” and “everyone could see there was something really special between them.”

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Kravitz added of her onscreen chemistry with the Twilight alum, “There could be a lot going on in a scene, but if I was able to connect with Rob and look into his eyes, it would immediately bring me into the moment. I saw a look in his eye that I hadn’t seen before. Seeing something new and very vulnerable as well was really beautiful.” Along with Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz, The Batman cast also includes Paul Dano, Peter Sarsgaard, Jeffrey Wright, Colin Farrell, and Andy Serkis. The Batman will hit theaters on March 4.

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