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Will Smith vs. Will Smith: Everything we know about Ang Lee’s Gemini Man

Will Smith’s latest movie The Gemini Man is out and here is everything you may know about this movie.

Ang Lee is back with a new action thriller movie named Gemini Man. The movie is written by David Benioff, Billi Ray, and Darren Lemke. Gemini man premiered on 11th October at the Zurich film festival and is recently released all over. Here is everything you need to know about the movie.

The movie, before landing in the hands of Ang Lee to be directed, has gone through many ups and downs after it was first conceived in 1997. 

It movie went through the development hell for almost two decades. Different directors like Tony Scott, Joe Carnahan, and Curtis Hanson were attached to this movie at some point or another. It was in 2016 when Skydance Media purchased the rights of the screenplay from Disney and in 2017 Ang Lee took up the movie as a director. 

Gemini Man stars actors like Will Smith, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Clive Owen and Benedict Wong in important roles. These lead actors are supported by actors like Linda Emond, Theodora Miranne, Ilia Volok, etc. in small cameos

The plot of the movie revolves around an aging government assassin/hitman Henry Brogan also considered to be the best killer of his generation and his own cloned assassin Jackson Brogan who is sent after Henry. Will Smith plays a double role in the movie. It will be great to see Will Smith fighting against himself in two different characters. 

We always have high expectations from Will Smith whenever he comes on screen and in this movie, the expectations are double with Will’s double role. It will be amazing to watch Will Smith vs Will Smith.

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