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WHY Is Bong Joon Ho ‘Exhausted’ Mentally And Physically?

The director has two films lined-up — a historical English-language thriller based on a true event that occurred in 2016, and a South Korean movie which will be filmed in Seoul's capital city.

Oscar-winning South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon Ho claims he’s physically and mentally “exhausted,” despite the “Parasite” huge success.

The filmmaker, who headed to South Korea after doing a landslide victory at the 92nd Academy Awards where his class-divide drama won Oscars for best picture, best director, best original screenplay, and best international feature film, said he was too exhausted to get back to working on new stories.

“Now that I finally have time, I’m trying to get back on it, but I’m so exhausted, mentally and physically. I’m just a shell of a human,” Bong told The Atlantic.

The filmmaker has two films lined-up — an English-language historical drama based on a true event that happened in 2016 and a South Korean production which will be set in the country’s capital city of Seoul, and will include “unique elements of horror and action”.

Bong said that he can focus on just one project at a time.

“Once I start writing, I can only work on one project, and the same goes for preproduction. I’m always jealous of directors who can do projects in between TV shows.”

He also indicated that his English-language film could be a collaboration with Darius Khondji, the cinematographer of “Okja.”

“I think any foreign productions I do now will be with Darius, and any Korean films will be with Hong Kyung-pyro,” Bong quoted.

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