Want To Stay Thin Lifetime? Here’s Bethenny Frankel’s Secret Of Staying Thin Without Diet

53-years-old Bethenny Frankel shared her secret of staying thin without following any diet and exercise.

Real Housewives of New York City alum Bethenny Frankel, who has maintained herself even at the age of 53, recently shared her secret of eating patterns. She posted a video on her Instagram and captioned it, “How do I stay so thin?” She has decided on a pattern to consume her food.

She said, “So, I pick my spots. If I know I’m going to some crazy doughnut place or hotdog place, I may not have the meal that comes before that. I’m not eating all the doughnuts, or all the hotdogs or all the pizza. You’re really tasting everything, eating nothing.” She always goes for a light meal if she plans to go on a food outing and whenever she eats outside she makes sure that it will only fulfill her cravings and not her hunger. Further, she continued saying, “I never eat to the point where I’m full. Not never, but sometimes. I do not like the feeling of being full. It’s uncomfortable. So if you never eat until you get full, you’ll be fine. I’m also a slow eater and I chew slowly. I chew my food thoroughly.”

She runs a business. Frankel is the founder of ‘Skinnygirl’ a lifestyle brand. She wrote a book in 2009 named “Naturally Thin” to teach people how to be thin without following a lifetime diet. In her old video she mentioned that she is not a gym or exercise person, but she has an active lifestyle where she does what she wants to according to time or mood. She disclosed, “I’ll snowboard if I can, I’ll surf if I can, I walk on the beach whenever I can, but I choose [to] sleep first. Sleep is the No. 1 priority.” She is the person who believes in ‘Balance’. So are you going to follow Frankel’s top tip? 

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