TikTok Brings John Lennon’s Iconic Songs On Their App

Globally famous viral video application TikTok brings John Lennon's iconic songs on their app in collaboration with John Lennon estate and Universal Music.

He is a cult stellar singer whose songs are evergreen and timeless classics now along with being relevant even today. This is going to be a happy yet bittersweet moment for his fans across the globe as the globally viral short video content creation platform TikTok brings John Lennon’s iconic songs on their app.

It’s an exciting and thrilling news update for the netizens, the fans, his family and the Hollywood music industry as one of the most famous and popular short video creation viral app Tiktok brings John Lennon’s iconic songs on their app and this is being done to bring in the late singer’s 80th birthday whose songs have left a deep and lasting impression on our hearts and minds as they resonate with everyone till date even today.

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It is being done by TikTok in collaboration with John Lennon’s estate and the Universal Music so that the tiktok content creators can also get an access to some of his most globally famous and popular music through the app for creating videos.

Some of his best amazing and timeless classic songs like “Instant Karma! (We All Shine On),” “Imagine,” “Mind Games,” “Beautiful Boy,” “Woman,” “Happy Xmas (War Is Over),” “Give Peace a Chance,” “Stand By Me,” “Nobody Told Me,” “Remember,” and “Gimme Some Truth” are all available on the app now where according to the viral video content creation company, even a dedicated John Lennon account is there on the app which currently has around 23,000 followers in which the first video was posted back in the month of September.

Also during a recent interview with a popular pop culture and entertainment website Corey Sheridan, head of TikTok’s music partnerships and content operations said that, “We are absolutely thrilled and honored to bring John Lennon’s music to a new generation, and are eager to see how the TikTok community will be inspired to create to the sounds of Lennon’s repertoire”.

Within the same interview she also added that, “Lennon’s timeless lyrics are as relevant now as when they were written.”

Lennon’s estate is the latest to partner with TikTok. TikTok had earlier for the first time ever joined hands with the Prince estate in June in order to bring the singer’s huge list of songs to the app.

It marked the first attempt ever that the Prince estate partnered with a shortform viral video app. Also, Prince’s songs haven’t particularly taken any head start in popularity ratings on the app as none of them have accomplished the viral and trending success on TikTok that songs from other artists have.

It seems like this yet again another effort and honest attempt that has been made by the estate and labels to try making a playlist for the current and viral younger generation of music listeners.

By adding several of John Lennon’s songs, their strong hopes to get a boost along with the kick start and pick up is further a living example and proof to how important labels and estates view having an artist’s work on TikTok.