Sasha Walpole Claims Prince Harry Started Kissing Her On Her 19th Birthday

Susha Walpole, the lady who took Prince Harry's virginity, recalled the incident. 

Sasha Walpole, the lady whose story was written by Prince Harry in his book and who also took his virginity, has come out as the ‘older woman’. The 40-year-old mother of two has now claimed that the Duke of Sussex actually made the first move, adding that she didn’t know Prince Harry was a virgin.

In his recently released bombshell memoir, Spare, Prince Harry shocked everyone by revealing details about his first intimate. He wrote that he had done it with an old lady, and described the whole incident as ‘an inglorious episode’ in a meadow behind a busy pub.

Sasha has now put an end to the speculation about who this woman was, claiming that she was in fact the one with Prince Harry at the July 2001 incident. She was 19 years old, and Harry was 16 years old.

Ms. Walpole had known the prince since she worked as groove at the future King Charles’ Gloucestershire estate in Highgrove. According to the reports, she had invited the 16-year-old Harry on her birthday when she was 19. Reportedly, they were close friends, and Prince Harry had brought a stuffed Miss Piggy and a funny birthday card for her. He also orders 10 shots of them, five for each other, which leaves them rather drunk. They then went to a distant farm to smoke, fearing for Harry’s safety.

Sasha stated that Harry began kissing her first. She added that it was an instant, fiery wham-bam between two friends. She went on to say that she had no idea Prince Harry was a virgin. The 40-year-old women explain that they were both inebriated that night and that the incident would not have occurred if they had not been inebriated.

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