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Piers Morgan TROLLS Victoria Beckham; Check Out

British show Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan trolls Victoria Beckham for furloughing the staff at her fashion brand and calls it pretense. Read below to know more.

Victoria Beckham recently took a decision on the Coronavirus pandemic by furloughing staff of her well-known fashion brand. While she put 30 staff members on the government scheme, allowing them leave without a salary deduction, Victoria has put on hold her own salary to support her staff members. This means that her staff will now receive 80% of their salaries from the taxpayer-funded pot, while Victoria’s own salary will be halted. But Victoria Beckham’s gesture did not go well with Piers Morgan, who trolled her for doing so.

Before lashing out at Victoria Beckham Piers Morgan did not think twice. During his show Good Morning Britain, Morgan said, “How nice it was at the weekend, with all the selfless acts, to hear Victoria Beckham is furloughing 30 staff of her failing business.” Piers Morgan then went on to comment on Victoria Beckham’s business and said, “Lost money year after year. Been bailed out by her famously rich husband David Beckham. Sorry, this furlough scheme was not for prima donna millionaires like you. Running a vanity project like her fashion business that makes no money.”

When his co-host, Susanna Reid, pointed out that Victoria is sacrificing her own pay to allow her staff to receive their full salary, Piers Morgan refused to go back and said, “You the taxpayer are now funding a loss-making vanity project for David and Victoria Beckham. Do you feel good about that?”

Piers Morgan is not taking a dig at Victoria Beckham for the first time. On Sunday, the British broadcaster took to his Twitter account and slammed the 46-year-old fashion designer saying, “Sorry, but this makes me puke. If you care this much about the NHS, @victoriabeckham – then why are you taking taxpayer money the NHS desperately needs – and you DON’T need – to furlough your staff & prop up your failing business.”

Earlier Piers Morgan had called David Beckham and Victoria Beckham hypocrites.

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