Things Fans Should Know About Netflix’s Never Have I Ever 3

For fans who can’t get enough of the current season 2 focusing on Devi, Ben and Paxton’s love triangle, these are things fans should know about Netflix’s Never Have I Ever 3.

Fans of the hit Netflix teen series Never Have I Ever (2020 – present), who have already started binge watching the much awaited second season Never Have I Ever 2 on Netflix, we take a look at things fans should know about Netflix’s Never Have I Ever 3.

In the season 2 of Netflix’s hit teen series Never Have I Ever, we see how the Indian-American high school girl Devi Vishwakumar (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) is double dating both the boys Paxton Hall Yoshida (Darren Barnett) and Ben Gross (Jaren Lewison) since this is her last chance to have a cool high school life before going to India but then th trip gets called off and we see a really simmering love triangle between Devi, Ben and Paxton and in the last episode fans get shocked when towards the ending of prom dance, Paxton officially declares Devi to be his girlfriend by asking her out to dance and now with the cliffhanger for fans, We are going to see the things fans should know about Netflix’s Never Have I Ever 3.

Certainly this series resonated with the youth and netizens which is reason it became a huge smashing superhit in last year during lockdown and now already has made a comeback with its second season just a few days back which the netizens and fans are currently binge watching, and increasing some excitement more, we take a thorough glance at things fans should know about Netflix’s Never Have I Ever 3.

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Is There A Season 3 On Cards For Never Have I Ever – As the second season has successfully reached Netflix’s top 10 series currently being streamed, the global giant streaming OTT platform has not yet taken any decision on renewing the quirky teenage dramedy series for a forthcoming third chapter which isn’t a reason to get tensed as the popular digital series originally debuted in April 2020 and wasn’t renewed until July 2020, so it’s likely that we’ll have to wait a few months before any official renewal confirmation from Netflix.

Season 3 release date – This could be possible and also certain that If Never Have I Ever continues to diligently follow the release schedule and pattern which it has followed for the past year 2020, then most likely we all are going to be seeing the much anticipated season 3 debut at around mid-to-late 2022.

As we all and even fans are keenly waiting for an official announcement about the season renewal from Netflix, in a recent interview, Darren Barnett opening up on his hopes for Paxton and Devi’s relationship reveals, “I would just love to see how it plays out with them being together as an exclusive couple. That’s going to bring on a whole new set of challenges, and I think there’s a lot more to explore. There’s a lot more for Devi to learn about Paxton, for Paxton to learn about himself, and for Devi to learn about herself. And when that all comes to fruition, who knows? They may fall in love or realize they’re better as friends or absolutely hate each other, so you never really know”.

In a recent interview with leading global entertainment portal, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan speaking on Devi and Paxton’s relationship potential in season 3 shares, “It’ll be really cool to see Devi in a proper relationship because we technically never really have. It was a two-timing situation, and as Dr. Ryan and Eleanor say, that doesn’t count. That’s not real. She has zero boyfriends. So it is going to be cool to see her as a girlfriend, that new relationship in her life that she’s never had before”.

She also added, “But I think Paxton realizing what Devi means to him is really nice because he realizes, ‘This is the person that believes in me and doesn’t think I’m stupid. And I actually accomplished something, and she was there for me.’ I think it’s Paxton setting aside the ego and the pride and also offering forgiveness and being like, ‘This is the situation.’ It’s really heartwarming”.

In terms of Devi’s new experience in dating, showrunner Lang Fisher in recent interview with leading global entertainment portal told that season 3 would explore, “sex and what do you do if you’re a nerd who’s done very little and you’re dating a much more experienced guy”.

Also opening up on fans seeing more of Devi’s family, Fisher added, “We introduced her grandmother Nirmala this season, who is this amazing actress Ranjita Chakravarty, and she just brought this whole other dimension and kind of filled a little bit of the void that Mohan left. I’d like to see the new dynamics of her family now”.