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Kim Seon Ho: Throwback To His Biggest Controversy That Ruined His Career!

The 'Hometown Cha Cha Cha' actor yesterday for the first time, shared a post in months, after his 'abortion' controversy that messed him up! Read to know more!

It’s the birthday today of the ‘dimple man’ of the South Korean industry, Kim Seon Ho has people’s hearts fluttered with his charming face and pretty smile. The ‘Hometown Cha Cha Cha’ fame actor’s career had just taken a pace, following the massive success of the drama, it was when Seon Ho was getting all the global recognition that he rightly deserves, that a deadly controversy hit him, out of nowhere.

After his 2017 debut in the KBS office drama ‘Good Manager’, Kim Seon Ho’s career skyrocketed, after back to back hit dramas. Not just the Korean audiences, but even the global fan base of the actor increased as his acting skills and charming personality were explored by many through his dramas. Soon, Seon Ho became the face of not just popular dramas, but also many well-known brands, as he endorsed them on a global level.

So when did it all come crashing down for the actor? Well, for the unversed, it was all after a random post on social media, from an anonymous account who claimed to be his ex-girlfriend. The post, which was later confirmed to be actually made by his ex-girlfriend, stated how Seon Ho manipulated her into getting an abortion, ill-treated her after the abortion and even bad-mouthed his co-stars. Although the woman sharing the post never revealed Seon Ho’s name in the first place, the actor himself had admitted it was indeed him who was mentioned in the post.

A popular media outlet from South Korea had identified the woman as a former weather forecaster and now a social media influencer, Choi Young Ah, the two had met in 2019, and started dating in 2020, when she had also revealed that she was a divorcee. “I want to continue the relationship. I’m seeing her because I like her as a person. Of course, my parents will be concerned. But it doesn’t make a difference that she’s been married and got divorced.” read Kim’s text that he had sent to one of his friends.

Everything right from the leaked chats, to their respective friend’s testimonies, pointed out how Kim Seon Ho was perhaps not at fault. But the actor publicly apologized for his controversy and all the ruckus it caused to his agency. But this wasn’t enough, his fans supporting him wasn’t enough, as he still had to face the repercussions of his actions.

Among his many deals and contracts, Kim Seon Ho had to wash his hands off many big endorsements post his involvement in the controversy. One of the biggest ones was his Domino’s Pizza ad, as he was the official brand ambassador, Domino’s removed him as their endorser, and took down his ads and pictures. The makers of the variety show ‘2 days and 1 night’ also discontinued shooting with him after his apology letter.

Since then, the actor has been on a hiatus, with no updates about his Upcoming dramas or his personal life. Breaking the low profile image finally, yesterday the actor took to his Instagram handle after months, to share a post with fans on his birthday.

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“I’m sorry to have made you have a difficult time due to my shortcomings… Thank you for congratulating me on my birthday this year too. I will cherish the feelings you give me and become an actor who can repay your support” his caption said.

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