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Kevin Hart’s Embarrassing Experience With Beyoncé At A Nightclub

Kevin Hart Talks About His Embarrassing Experience At A Nightclub With Beyoncé

Kevin Hart is known for his funny real-life stories. And since the country is in quarantine in the midst of COVID-19, on Instagram he felt the need to share some of those stories.

The comedian shared a video on Tuesday (March 31) describing an awkward encounter he had with Beyoncé and Jay-Z at a nightclub during All-Star Weekend in Houston.

Hart told fans that Jay- asked him if he wanted a drink, and he inadvertently spilled a whole canister of pineapple juice all over the place because their section in the club was packed when Hart reached over. Beyoncé was at the other end of the table, and her legs and shoes were all over with pineapple juice.

“He comes back up to me and goes, ‘Kev, you just spilled pineapple juice all over my wife’s legs and shoes,’” he explained in the video. “I look behind him, I see Bey sitting down … She got like a f*****g pound of napkins wiping everything … So I just look at Hov and say, ‘I need to make this right because I feel bad.’”

The next part of the story is what really had fans laughing in the comments when Hart confessed to handing Jay-Z a $20 bill to pay for the dropped pineapple juice because he couldn’t afford to cover the expense of Beyoncé’s dress.

Watch Kevin Hart describes how the funny and sticky situation fell:

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