Kate Bush Gushes About Her Song ‘Running Up That Hill’ After It Featured In Stranger Things

Kate Bush's song 'Running Up That Hill' reached the top of the Australian chart after it gets featured in Netflix hit series Stranger Things 4.

Kate Bush’s song Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) was featured in Stranger Things season 4 and since then its popularity has seen a new landmark. Kate Bush has reportedly earned £1.9million from her hit song. The singer’s 1985 track broke records and reached the top of the UK charts last month after its appearance in the fourth series of the Netflix supernatural thriller.

The song, written by Bush from her iconic Hounds of Love album, also soared to the top of the Australian charts and hit number one on the iTunes chart in the US. Moreover, entertainment data company Luminate has estimated that Kate has made £1.9million in streaming royalties since her hit’s revival as she owns the entire copyright to her music. Rob Jones, the CEO of Luminate, told CBSMoneywatch revealed that Running Up That Hill has become the most-streamed song both in the US and worldwide after featuring in Stranger Things.

For the unversed, in the show, Running Up That Hill happens to be grieving teen Max Mayfield’s, played by Sadie Sink, favourite song, and it unexpectedly saves her life in episode four. The 1985 track then reached the top of the UK charts last month after it appeared in the popular Netflix science fiction series and went viral on TikTok.

Kate Bush’s song reached the top of the Australian charts, the first time Kate has had number one in the country since 1978 when her debut single Wuthering Heights claimed the top spot. The singer-songwriter recently told BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour of the renewed interest in her music, “It’s so exciting, it’s quite shocking really, isn’t it? ‘The whole world’s gone mad!'” She added, “The thought of all these really young people hearing the song for the first time and discovering it is, well, I think it’s very special.”

The songstress also admitted that she hadn’t listened to her track in quite a while as she doesn’t tend to replay her ‘old stuff’. Elsewhere in the rare interview, Kate revealed that her son Albert thinks it is ‘pretty cool’ after her song Running Up That Hill was featured in the show. Host Emma Barnett asked the musician what her son Albert McIntosh, known as Bertie, thinks of a new generation discovering her music. She said, “I think he thinks it’s pretty cool.”

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