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Kaia Gerber Did Not Reschedule Her Perfume Campaign As Photoshoot With Arm Cast

Kaia Gerber isn't letting her work affected due to arm cast, the model is continuing to work for fashion campaigns with the arm cast on.

The 18-year-old model, who confirmed she had broken her wrist after a “little accident” over the weekend, still accomplished her duties as Marc Jacobs Daisy ‘s face on Monday.

Gerber posted a pretty picture of herself posing in a sunny field in a white corset Fleur du Mal silk dress ($565), holding a perfume bottle up high. The struggle began when the Gerber tried using her unwell arm to spritz herself with the perfume, as she revealed in an accompanying video clip.

Keeping her arm bent loosely at the right angle, Gerber attempts to use it playfully in the conventional way to spray the perfume onto her face but fails amusingly at the first hurdle. The supermodel finally fixes the problem with the help of the fragrance application system “mist-and-walk-through-it.” “This is hard but I smell great,” she wrote in the caption.

“Making casts look chic,” Emily Ratajkowski commented on her picture while Patrick Schwarzenegger exclaimed, “Don’t get It in your eye!!!”

Marc Jacobs was plenty impressed with the model’s technique, as wrote “Even with your arm in a cast! Fantastic.”

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Gerber disclosed her injury in a selfie wearing bikini posted to Instagram, three days ago. “[H]ad a little accident but I’m okay!”  she wrote. The injury appeared to have been to the wrist, but Gerber was fitted with a cast that goes over her elbow. Eagle-eyed fans may also notice that along with the cast, Gerber has debuted a new, slightly blonder hair shade. Nevertheless no word on what caused the injury.

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