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Jennifer Aniston Should Be Killed At The Wake Of #MeToo Movement Suggested Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein who was accused of sexual misconduct once said that he wanted to kill Friends actress Jennifer Aniston. This came in the wake of the 2017 #MeToo movement. Read below.

Jennifer Aniston is a popular name within the film industry in Hollywood. Most of us remember her for playing Rachel Green’s character in the much-loved Friends series. The famous actress has lately been making a lot of headlines but due to a completely different reason.

Disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein who has been accused of sexual misconduct had once mentioned killing the Friends star. All this had taken place in the midst of the #MeToo Movement.

Precisely speaking, Weinstein made this statement at a time when accusations of multiple sexual conducts were being brought against him in October 2017. And if you still believe it’s a hoax then let me tell you that there have also been released a few sealed court documents which attest to this statement he made.

If reports are to be believed, Weinstein had received an email notifying him about Jennifer Aniston confiding to a friend about being attacked by the director during film production.

There were also some other details in the email that included Harvey being infatuated with the Friends star and having a massive crush on her. Such email exchanges were now made public prior to the disgraced producer’s expected sentencing on charges of sexual misconduct.

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