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Famous Hollywood Celebrity Good Girls Gone Bad

Here are a few famous Hollywood celebrity good girls gone bad.

To become famous and loved by the audience is a very difficult task and Hollywood faces it the most with new emerging talent. This pressure of pleasing the audience can affect the celebrity in a bad way. Today we are going to talk about some of such Hollywood celebrity females whose personality took a complete change in the process of pleasing the viewers.

Here is a small list of some Good Girls Gone Bad.

1) Demi Moore

The actress was seen living a happy married life with husband Ashton Kutcher and other family members, But, the rumors of Ashton cheating caused a split between the two and this lead to Demi’s breakdown. The actress also withdrew from a movie.

2) Rihanna

The famous Pop Star from Barbados is going through a breakdown period. As her music is also being given an X-rating. She is going down the road.

3) Tara Reid

The simple and good girl Vicky from the American Pie, Tara soon became popular for her drinking and partying habits, A few years later she entered a rehabilitation center and has recovered well.

4) Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan was a very popular face on the Disney channel; before she became known for her arrests and addictions, 

Along with these actresses and celebrities, many other stars have gone down this path, some of them have recovered while some are still in there.

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