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Did Alex Rodriguez just drop the BIGGEST hint about his wedding with Jennifer Lopez?

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez who got engaged in March this year, are now all set to tie the knot. Well, you don't believe us? Here's what Alex said about their wedding festivities

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez who got engaged in March this year are now all set to walk down the aisle. Alex in a recent interview on a The Strahan, Sara and Keke talk show, he spilled the beans on the wedding festivities that he and JLo are planning. He also revealed that JLo is taking lead on the decision-making of their wedding.

He said, “When you think about wedding plans and Jennifer is your partner, all you do is…you do a lot of nodding. I don’t know where the location is, I don’t know what I’m wearing, I don’t know when it is. I’ll just show up.” The co-host played a fun game to get Alex talking. And Alex finally revealed a big clue. He said, “I got one clue for y’all. One wedding clue… Are you guys ready,” getting all dramatic and leaning into the camera for a dramatic effect. He quipped, “It’s gonna be a long flight.”

Well, he didn’t share many details about the exact location where his wedding will take place, but he confirmed that it was not going to be in Dubai like Keke guessed. He said, “I’m not gonna get into that,” after listening to the host’s theory, and confirmed, “But no.”

Another thing that the couple confirmed they would do, is that they are definitely planning to get married in a church. JLo on her YouTube channel stated, “I’d like a big wedding and I’d like to get married in a church this time. I’ve never been married in a church and I’ve been married three times, and once was nine months and once was 11 months, so I don’t really count those. But I was married to Marc [Anthony] for 10 years, with the kids.”

We know for a fact that whatever the lovebird have in mind, it is definitely going to be over the TOP, given the fact that JLo is the one doing most of the planning.

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