David Harbour Reveals He Thought Stranger Things Would Be A ‘DISASTER’

David Harbour explained that he had no idea of the scale it would get to and no one in the cast has imagined while filming season 1 that Stranger Things will be a massive hit.

Netflix’s Stranger Things is one of the most widely series ever! And recently, the fantasy drama series shot to the top of Netflix’s Most Popular English-language TV series list with the release of Stranger Things season 4. However, one of its cast members once believed that the show will be a ‘huge flop.’ David Harbour, who starred as Jim Hopper in the sci-fi series, has recently admitted he thought it would be a ‘disaster’ when he began filming.

Harbour’s character is one of the show’s core characters and has appeared since season one. The actor also revealed that on set the team ‘thought nobody would watch it.’ During a recent appearance on The One Show, David spoke to host Alex Jones and Jermaine Jenas about the whopping success of the Netflix show. ‘Did you expect it to be such a huge success?’ questioned Jermaine.

The actor then explained that he had no idea of the scale it would get to. David shared, “Not at all. I remember when we were shooting the first season down in Atlanta, Netflix had given us a budget of about $20. Halfway through I remember my hair person coming up to me, about episode four we were shooting, and she was like ‘I don’t think it’s gonna work.'”

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David continues, “I was like ‘what!’ so by the time we wrapped up filming I thought we wouldn’t get a second season. We’d be the first Netflix show ever to never get a second season. We thought no one would watch it and it was gonna be a disaster.” However, after referencing the show bringing Kate Bush’s 1985 hit Running Up That Hill back into the charts, Alex joked, “And here you are, I mean nobody’s more surprised than Kate Bush to be fair.”

David laughed and replied, ‘You’re welcome, Kate!.’ For the unversed, Stranger Things is not the only one that has risen to massive popularity as David’s character has also become one of the most loved amongst fans, as he portrays the dishevelled chief of police with a kind heart. The recent series’ release was reported to be the most popular premiere weekend ever for an English TV show on Netflix, shooting to no.1 in over 90 countries.

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