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Comedian Andy Dick Arrested For Felony S*xual Battery

Popular American comedian, Andy Dick, was arrested on Wednesday after an adult male accused him of s*xually assaulting him.

Comedian Andy Dick was arrested during a Livestream at the O’Neill Regional Park for felony s*xual battery, as reported by TMZ. The video was streamed online on Captain Content’s RV’s social media. The video shows two Orange Co. Sheriff’s officials talking to Andy and in the next moment, they cuffed him and took him to their car. The call was made by the alleged victim of the assault, reported Page Six.

The name of the victim has not been released yet but the YouTube channel where the arrest was streamed, revealed that a man named ‘JJ’ accused Andy Dick of molesting him while he was asleep. In a clip, ‘JJ’ could be heard talking to another person in the vehicle where he explained what occurred. He says, “I was just in bed right now, and I smelled certain parts of my body in the other RV with Andy,”

He continues,” and the last thing I remember, we were on the phone with his fiancée… I smelled parts of myself and they smell like artificial smells.” In the original video, ‘JJ’ tried to confront Andy but Andy seemed to be troubled with drugs. Andy asked the streamer, “Did you take my cocaine?” to which the streamer replied, “No, I didn’t even take it whenever it was offered.” “Why did you assault me in my sleep?” The streamer then asked Andy, who replied, “I never assaulted you in your sleep. Can you leave me alone?”

Although Dick denied everything on camera, police took the artist into custody based on the information that the victim provided them with when they arrived on the scene. The video also includes clips where Andy Dick’s trailer was searched thoroughly after he was arrested. Sources also confirmed to TMZ that the police collected the victim’s pants as evidence. Andy’s bail was set at $25,000 and is due in court on Friday, May 13.

It is unclear as of now whether ‘JJ’ was taken to the hospital but police confirmed to Page Six that the Special Victims Unit is involved in this case and will make sure that the victim is taken care of and would also conduct a physical exam. In fact, Andy Dick has a history of legal battles. In 2018, Dick pleaded not guilty to misdemeanour battery and misdemeanour s*xual battery after a woman accused him of groping her buttocks. Then again in 2019, he was charged with groping a driver and then in 2021, he was taken into custody for hitting his boyfriend with a liquor bottle.

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Credit: IRL AfterDark
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