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Camila Cabello Slams Paparazzi For Beach Photos And Pens Note On Body Insecurity

Camila Cabello admitted that she's "a single woman in her 20s" who is going through "a ton of promo" and wants to "feel like I look 'good.'

Camila Cabello has recently expressed her thoughts on the culture of the paparazzi. The former member of Fifth Harmony shared her frustrations about how constantly being photographed without her consent has negatively impacted her self-esteem. Cabello has taken to Instagram to share her thought on a lengthy note. She began her lengthy post by saying that she would always get “papped” every time she went to “this beach club in Miami.”

Camila penned that she every time felt super vulnerable and unprepared when she somehow check-in paps. She then revealed that after seeing those pictures online and comments and was so upset. However, when the situation started to affect her personally, she said she would remind herself that it was the “culture’s thoughts and not my own.”

She continues, “A culture who has gotten so used to an image of what a ‘healthy’ woman’s body looks like that is completely not real for a lot of women.” “Photoshop, restrictive eating, over-exercising, and choosing angles that make a form, when we take a deep breath when we eat a meal when we allow the waves to tussle around us.”

The Havana singer then admitted that she’s “a single woman in her 20s” who is going through “a ton of promo” and wants to “feel like I look ‘good.’ Therefore, prior to a recent outing to the beach over the weekend, Cabello shared she prepared herself by wearing a new bikini, putting on lip gloss, and “didn’t eat anything too heavy” because she knew her trip to the ocean was going to be “basically a whole photoshoot.”

Camila went on to write, “I held my core so tight my abs hurt and didn’t breathe and barely smiled and was so self-conscious of where the paps were the whole time. I couldn’t let go and relax and do what we’re meant to do when we go out into nature.” Though she knew she looked “good” in the pictures after putting in all the efforts to accomplish the goal. She then revealed, “I’ve never had a worse time at the beach. I felt the emptiness and sadness of our culture’s thoughts that became my thoughts.”

Cabello stressed in the post that she wanted to discuss the subject due to society’s preference for focusing on appearance over the state of one’s mental health. After sharing that she is still “not at the point” in her journey to “not give a f**k,” Cabello said she is aware that, “Intellectually, I know what I look like doesn’t determine how healthy, happy, or sexy I am.”

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