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After Denying Dating Rumors, Brad Pitt Reveals His ‘Ideal Type’ Of Woman

The global heartthrob was said to be dating Lykke Li, a singer as per multiple reports.

Brad Pitt recently dismissed the rumors of him dating singer Lykke Li, contrasting multiple reports that stated otherwise. Many alleged the 58-year-old hunky actor of ‘secretly’ dating the 35-year-old singer, which as per the sources that have been closely associated with Brad, are false. The insiders have also given an insight into the kind of woman that Brad is looking for, sharing his ideal type.

“Brad comes from very humble beginnings and he never imagined he would skyrocket to the stardom that he’s achieved. He loved living that Hollywood life for a long time. But when it comes down to it, it’s not really who Brad is, or even who he sees himself with,” an insider said of the Oklahoma native. “He really enjoys his privacy and just stays out of the public eye as much as he can. Brad knows that’s not always possible but he manages the best he can. He isn’t dating anybody at the moment and if he does, it would be someone far different from his past relationships” they shared.

Another source close to the actor gave in more details about the kind of woman the actor would be interested in, saying, “When it comes to Brad and dating now and in the future, he knows he has to be with a strong woman who will be able to deal with all the outside noise that comes with it. If he hangs out with a girl and they are just friends, something is going to be said differently about it. If he hangs out with a girl that then becomes something serious, talks about all the eyeballs that will be on there every single move.”

“Brad is clearly used to it but he knows it makes things hard to have what most would consider a normal relationship,” the pal continued. “Which ends up making his dating life a bit harder than usual. He likes to play it as it comes and he would welcome a relationship but as of right now there isn’t someone serious in his life at this time” the source continued.

News of the 35-year-old singer dating Pitt made rounds on the internet until the two decided to step in and clarify that the rumors aren’t true and that the two share a great bond as friends and asked people to not romanticize their relationship. Brad was married to Jennifer Aniston from 2000 to 2005 and later married Angelina Jolie in 2014 with their marriage coming to an end in 2019 when they declared their separation.

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