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Harry Styles Birthday! Take A Trip Down Memory Lane To Harry Styles’ ICONIC Moment

Harry Styles is turning 28 today and to celebrate his birthday, take a trip down memory lane to Harry Styles' iconic on-stage moment.

The most-loved artist of this generation, Harry Styles has turned 28 today. The global sensation Harry Styles is a beloved singer and no one can deny that his music is the reason for it. Moreover, no one can deny the fact that Styles’ persona is beyond charming, and that’s why he’s loved by fans from across the globe. The singer celebrates his birthday on February 1 and as he turns 28 this year.

Harry Styles was born and brought up in Worcestershire, Redditch, United Kingdom. He has owned our hearts since the X-Factor days, and it is still going strong. Words are less for the introduction of Harry Styles! Styles is the singer-songwriter, Grammy-winner, actor, fashion icon, and norms-breaker. However, #happybirthdayharry is trending on Twitter with fans tweeting thousands of tweets in an hour. To celebrate his birthday, take a trip down memory lane to Harry Styles’ iconic on-stage moment.

Meaning Behind Watermelon Sugar
The song which was featured on Styles’ second album has long been the source of speculations surrounding the song’s meaning. The music video led many fans to believe that “watermelon sugar” was a s**ual innuendo. However, on October 1, while performing in Nashville, Styles began referring to the meaning while introducing the song. “It’s about the sweetness of life.” After he starts a bit of the song he adds “It’s also about the female orgasm, but that’s totally different.”

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‘Just Propose Lucas’
It has now become common in Harry Styles’ concert that he gave some kind of advice to his fans. And likewise, in Chicago, Styles’ responded to a sign that read, “Convince my boyfriend to propose.” Videos of the exchange show him first asking the pair how long they’ve been together, “seven years? I can’t help you,” Styles quipped. He then asked, “What’s the holdup, Lucas? It’s a thing, you love each other, you’re best friends,” Styles smiled and shrugged before adding “just do it.” During a later song, Styles screams “Just propose Lucas!” in the middle of the lyrics.

‘It’s A Girl’
Styles takes lots of time during his set to interact with the fans. And fans often bring signs trying to seek Styles’ attention and one set of friends did just that. According to a photo widely circulated after the show on Twitter, one fan held a sign while referencing one of Style’s song’s lyrics, that read, ‘I’m having a baby, please make it your business’ and her friend held a sign reading ‘and open these gender results.’ After teasing the audience Styles reveals, “little baby girl.”

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