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Ariana Grande ‘Doesn’t Feel Comfortable’ Releasing A New Album Amid Lockdown

Ariana Grande revealed that despite having created a fresh batch of songs during the quarantine of Coronavirus, she would not release them soon. Read more below.

In 2018 and 2019, Ariana Grande released two full albums. Recently released a music video called Stuck With U in collaboration with Justin Bieber. This led one only to question whether the singer is on the way to another album. However, Ariana Grande has revealed in a conversation with Zane Lowe for the At Home series that she will not release an album during the quarantine.

Ariana Grande talked about making new music while currently in quarantine amid Coronavirus. Although fans would love to hear this, the singer doesn’t seem to be eager to release her new songs any time soon. Explaining her decisions, Grande said she doesn’t feel “comfortable” about releasing the batch of songs she’s been working on right now. It’s also a “tricky time” rig, she added.

The singer has announced, however, that she has another collaboration in line which will soon be published. Ariana Grande teams up with Doja Cat but hasn’t revealed anything about her release. Grande has only confirmed she collaborated with the singer earlier this year and wants to save it later when it’s time to release something again.

Talking about Doja Cat, Ariana Grande has said she loved the personality of the Say So singer. She called her a “fresh air breath.” Ariana further added that she liked what Doja Cat “musically brought to the table.”

In the interview, she also revealed that the reason for her collaboration on Stuck With U was that she wanted to raise the spirits during Coronavirus quarantine’s stressful times. Stuck With U is the first of the many charity singles that SB Projects has put together. Grande mentioned that in Stuck With U’s music video all of the song’s profits will go to First Responders Children’s Fund charity.

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Meanwhile, the Stuck With U video created a storm over the internet. However, this was because of her alleged boyfriend, Dalton Gomez, Ariana Grande featured in it. Even the couple shared a kiss in the video which possibly made it a public announcement.

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