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Angelina Jolie BLAMES Jennifer Aniston & Ellen DeGeneres For Bad-Mouthing Her In Hollywood

Angelina Jolie has blamed Jennifer Aniston and Ellen DeGeneres for bad-mouthing her in Hollywood and also calling her a home-wrecker. Read below for more details.

Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston and the Fight Club actor Brad Pitt were among the adorable couples in the tinsel town before they two parted their ways in 2005. It is believed that Brad was having a secret affair with Angelina Jolie while still being married to the FRIENDS alum.

After his split with Jennifer Aniston the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor started living with Jolie. The couple took care of their 6 kids and were going strong and also tied the knot in 2014. Sadly, Branjelina’s wedding fallout soon and they got divorced in 2016. And since then, Angelina has always been making the headline owing to the same reason.

Meanwhile, reports state that the gorgeous actress blames Jennifer Aniston and Hollywood’s famous talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres for bad-mouthing her in the industry. The source revealed, “Angie feels she got a bad rap as the homewrecker, and she heard from friends in the industry that Ellen actually helped to spread that label around and even had fun bad-mouthing Angie at Hollywood parties.”

There was a time when Angelina idolised Ellen but since the latter is good friends with Aniston and thinks that Jolie is one of the reasons why Brad and Jen called it quits; she kind of dislikes her and have been bad-mouthing her along with Jen in the industry.

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The source said, “Angie saw her as an LGBT icon and respected her for the way she came out of the close. She appeared on her show twice in Ellen’s first year. [Jolie] feels slightly vindicated because she knew all along that Ellen was a fake and a phony and doesn’t give a hoot about the common people. But Angie would never go on her show. She’s letting people know that they need to watch their backs around Ellen.”

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Well, the truth remains under wraps between the three of them and we hope that they let go of this topic to avoid further controversies.

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