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Amber Heard Says She Has PROOF Of Johnny Depp’s Abuse

Amber Heard claims she has 'a binder' of therapist notes that will prove domestic violence took place throughout the years of her relationship with Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard lost the defamation trial against Johnny Depp on June 1. However, The Aquaman actress still claims that she has proof which can prove that she suffered from ‘years of abuse’ throughout her relationship with Johnny Depp. Amber Heard recently sat down for her first television interview with NBC Today’s Savannah Guthrie since the sensational six-week-long trial in Virginia, where ex-husband Depp won his defamation case.

On June 1, he was awarded compensatory damages of $ 10 million and a further $5 million in punitive damages by a jury. Heard was awarded compensatory damages of $ 2 million after proving one of her counterclaims to the jury after claiming his legal team falsely accused her of fabricating claims against the Pirates of the Caribbean actor. NBC released a three-part preview of the full interview, which airs on Friday evening, during the course of the week on the Today show.

A 20-minute preview was streamed on Thursday, the final one before the full airing on NBC’s popular show Dateline, with Heard claiming she has ‘a binder’ of therapist notes that will prove domestic violence took place. However, Depp denies ever physically or s*xually assaulting Heard. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard started dating in 2011 before getting married four years later. The couple got divorced in 2017.

In the interview, Heard said, “There’s a binder worth of years of notes dating back to 2011 from the very beginning of my relationship that was taken by my doctor who I was reporting the abuse. “Her notes represented years of real-time explanations of what was going on.” Depp was alleged to have “hit her, threw her on the floor” in January 2012, according to the documents, who added that he “ripped her nightgown, threw her on the bed” in September of the same year.

In 2013, it was claimed that the Edward Scissorhands star ‘threw her against a wall and threatened to kill her,’ according to the notes read aloud by Guthrie. In court, Depp claimed he was the victim of domestic abuse, alleging his ex-wife’s allegations against him were ‘heinous’ and had ‘permeated’ the entertainment industry. The trial centred on a 2018 Washington Post op-ed Heard wrote about the alleged domestic violence she suffered, although she did not name her ex-husband.

Depp demanded more than £38 million, saying her domestic abuse claims had all but ended his career and ruined his reputation. The Aquaman actress then countersued, and sought almost £78 million in damages, saying his legal team falsely accused her of fabricating claims against the actor. In June, the jury unanimously found that Heard could not substantiate her allegations against her ex-husband and that she knew her claims of abuse were false when the 2018 essay was published. The jury also determined Heard acted with actual malice when penning her op-ed.

In her NBC interview, Heard insisted she was not a ‘vindictive’ person for continuing to allege domestic abuse claims against Depp despite his recent victory in court. She said, “One thing I can tell you is, one thing I’m not is vindictive. This would be a really lousy way to get vengeance. “As silly as it is to say this out loud, my goal – the only thing I can hope for at this point… I just want people to see me as a human being.”

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Credit: Official YouTube Channel Of NBC News
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