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5 Reasons Why Another Princess Diana Movie Is Not Needed

After watching so many countless official and unofficial series, film and novel adaptations based on life of late Queen of Wales Princess Diana's life, another official movie adaptation titled Spencer which has the stunning actress Kristen Stewart play the role of late Princess Diana and is being helmed by Pablo Larrain is coming soon. we take a glance at reasons why another Princess Diana movie is not needed.

We audiences and viewers have till date seen a lot of film, novel, and TV adaptations of Princess Diana on celluloid yet we can’t seem to get tired of seeing it. Now a new film adaptation on Princess Diana titled ‘Spencer’ is being made which has the Twilight saga film series (2008 – 2012) ace actress Kristen Stewart playing the lead titular female protagonist Lady Diana. After having seen so many official and unofficial adaptations of Princess Diana on screen, we bring forth 5 reasons why another princess Diana movie is not needed.

From kids to teenagers and adults even after so many years everyone still likes relentlessly watching adaptations of Princess Diana’s story on the screens which has nothing new to offer to the audiences and people, so let’s take a quick look at 5 reasons why another princess Diana movie is not needed.

So even after watching adaptations of her unhappy life behind the glitz and glamour of lavish palace life where all made countless movies and series to watch her rise in stardom and then witness her losing it all, fans are still not over and satisfied which is why we would take thorough glance at 5 reasons why another princess Diana movie is not needed.

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Time and again, fans and people still get star strucked after watching every film, TV series, and novel trying to present their versions of the same story of an 18 year old girl who instantly had a real life fairytale romance where she actually found her Prince charming that swept her off the feet whereby in just less than 6 months itself Diana went from being an ordinary kindergarten school teacher to a compassionate princess and strong future queen who had a beautiful dreamy wedding followed by two children and an entire country who quickly fell in love with her.

1. This movie is surely not bringing anything new and special to the table apart from the common point factor being to watch Princess of Wales Queen Diana’s rise in stardom and then the heart wrenching saga of her tragic death.

2. If we see, then historically and globally as well, Princess Diana Spencer is the only royal figure to have received maximum amount of screen time and also if we take google search engine’s results into consideration then atleast 14 movies and six documentaries about her, without mentioning her latest character portrayal in the recent season of The Crown, which is a Broadway musical drama that would be opening in May 2021 after being premiered on Disney +.  Point here is that, after seeing so many film and series adaptations about her, do we really have to watch this new film adaptation titled Spencer whose first promotional images had been released few days back that had an unrecognizable Hollywood star Kristen Stewart play lead role of Lady Diana which is going to be helmed by Pablo Larrain who is known for similar kind of biographical full length feature films like Jackie and Neruda. It will be interesting enough to see if the makers have something unique and never seen before in its palette to satisfy audiences, movie buffs and film aficionados expectations that have built after looking at promotional images of Kristen as Diana.

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3. The world is so madly obsessed with Princess Diana that even people who would have been born a year after her tragic car accident that took her life can almost picturize and film Diana and her entire life in their heads as if they lived with her through all of it. This could just be another movie that will try to show the same story of what the entire world already knows or maybe they might try doing real research to portray the unknown facets of the late princess Diana’s life to audiences.

4. Over and over each and every time, we have already seen so many film makers, TV series creators and also novelists trying to bring to life their own adaptations of the late and enigmatic Princess Diana’s life who went from being a normal 18 year old kindergarten teacher to becoming an stunning princess and charismatic queen that got married to her real life prince charming and had a wonderful life ahead with two kids and a whole country fell in love with her. People loving her might have thought that she is living every girl’s fantasy fairytale but reality was that she literally hated each second of it. It’s not fun anymore to show the same story over and over again to audiences of her fairytale life and then tragic end.

5. Most adaptations have tried their level best to showcase the scenes and sordid secret details of what actually happened behind the closed palace doors in late Lady Diana’s life since we don’t have real life footage of it where we know how many films tried showing Diana’s deteriorating health, eating disorders, Prince Charle’s illicit affair with Camilla Parker Bowles coupled with Diana’s constant humble requests for Charles to leave her. They also re-created the revelation of Diana’s public confession to having been cheated on, followed by divorcing heir to the royal throne, and so on. Even after seeing the 2017 documentary drama film Diana: In Her Own Words, which showed the never seen before footage of the late princess talking about her marriage and life, we still aren’t satisfied even now. Why only British royalty Princess Diana when there are so many Diana’s out there who changed the world incredibly and their lives weren’t destroyed totally by the media like trying to bring story of Florence Nightingale who is known as the inventor of modern nursing, Maria Tallchief who is the world’s first native American prima ballerina and Ada Lovelace who is the world’s first computer programmer.

Also, for now it feels like this upcoming Hollywood’s much awaited film Spencer will be focusing on the angle of female empowerment narrative of late Princess Diana’s life. Also explaining the same in a recent interview, the film creator Pablo Larrain said, “We decided to get into a story about identity, and around how a woman decides somehow, not to be the Queen”.

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