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Worst Movie Of 2020- Laxmii Or Sadak 2?

We conducted a poll to know that which is the worst film of 2020- Laxmii or Sadak 2. Guess who won the title!

Akshay Kumar’s recently released film Laxmii has become a target of trolls on social media. The film hasn’t only received negative reviews from critics, but has also disappointed a wide audience. The story fails to win people’s heart and only Sharad Kelkar’s cameo in the film is being appreciated. Some have even labelled the film as ‘Worst movie of 2020.’

Well, we thought to go back in time to figure out if Laxmii is actually the worst film of this year. And we got stuck on Mahesh Bhatt’s film Sadak 2. It isn’t long ago when Sadak 2 was released. The film hit the headlines for receiving the lowest IMDB ratings, courtesy Sushant Singh Rajput’s fans. But SSR fans aren’t to be blamed completely. The film was a disaster for real. The film was so bad that even the people who have all the time in the world felt it a waste of their time. And no kidding. That’s what the social media said.

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And now, when we have two films competing for the title of ‘Worst Film of 2020’, we decided to do a poll. We simply asked our audience the very same question. Around 2,100 people participated in the first hour of the poll. And turns out, it wasn’t a tough fight after all. Sadak 2 has managed to win the title of the worst film by a huge difference. 86% of the people participated feel that Sadak 2 is worse than Laxmii while the rest 14% feel otherwise.

Worst Movie Of 2020
Poll Results

Well, have you dared to watch the two films? If yes, which one do you dislike more? Do tell us in the comment section below!

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