Will Salman Khan Move Out Of Galaxy Apartments After The Firing Incident? Here’s What We Know

Recently there were rumors suggesting that Salman Khan had decided to relocate from his house, Galaxy apartments post the firing incident.

Following the alarming shooting incident outside Salman Khan’s Mumbai residence on Sunday, there were reports suggesting that the actor’s father, Salim Khan, is contemplating relocating from their Bandra residence. However, reportedly Salman Khan has chosen to carry on with his work and fulfill his commitments, despite the shooting incident outside his house on Sunday, April 14. Recent reports suggest that the actor intends to not dwell on those responsible for the attack and will continue working.

“Salman is very much focused on going about his work as planned earlier. He doesn’t want to give attention to those behind this firing incident because he feels that is exactly what they want. Instead, he has asked friends and actors from the industry not to worry. Further, he also asked them not to make any visits to Galaxy Apartments as it is getting inconvenient for other members of the society as well.” a source revealed to India Today.

For those unaware, in the early hours of Sunday, April 14, gunfire erupted outside Salman’s residence, Galaxy Apartments, in Mumbai. It was reported that two individuals on a motorcycle fired shots outside his apartment on Sunday morning. It was stated that three shots were discharged into the air.

In response to the incident, security measures around Salman’s residence have been heightened. A forensic team discovered bullets on Salman’s balcony, and an investigation is currently underway.

Hours after the shooting outside Salman’s residence, Anmol Bishnoi took responsibility for the incident in an online post, cautioning the Bollywood star. Bishnoi described the event as a “trailer,” according to PTI.

According to an official source from the Delhi Police speaking to PTI, one of the two individuals is believed to be a criminal from Gurugram, involved in numerous homicides and robberies in Haryana.

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